A General Update

It has been a fair while since I have updated this blog, but for good reason. March and April were both crazy, crazy months, in which I finished my second round of participant interviews, edited the transcripts, got through a PhD milestone ‘progress review’ seminar, wrote a journal article draft, organised an overseas conference trip, all while teaching/tutoring for the first time for a sociology of education subject! This was the most stressful professional period of my life by far and consequently I spent most of May recovering.

The good news is that I passed my progress review and got really great, positive feedback. Also, other than a few minor dramas and the excessive stress of dealing with so many things at once, everything is actually going fairly well. I feel like since I survived March and April, I can survive anything this PhD journey can throw at me.

I’m really looking forward to presenting at the Gender and Education Association conference in London in a couple of weeks. My presentation will be examining how new materialist theories offer something different in theorising about gender-sex, and I’ll be relating this of course to the context of science education and ethics. Hopefully I can also get some more data analysis done before then to add that to the presentation. In July, I’ll then be able to do more intense data analysis and begin writing my analysis chapters! I wouldn’t say the end is in sight as yet, considering there is a lot of work, and specifically writing, to be done but at least I am feeling more than less on track.


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