New Materialism and/or Post-Structuralism

An interesting summary of various ways in and out of New Materialism, its political potentials, and understanding how it relates to other frameworks.


Three weeks ago I went to a round table discussion at Sussex University on ‘New Materialism and/or Post-Structuralism’, which featured Timothy Murray (Cornell), Seb Franklin (KCL), Jussi Parikka (Anglia Ruskin), John David Rhodes (Sussex), and Michael Jonik (Sussex). As this was mostly a discussion, my notes underneath are a bit fragmented and as I only wrote them up three weeks later, they might not be really coherent at some places either, but there you go. The panel discussed ‘what is at stake in our current moment as the poststructuralist legacy encounters new thinking concerning materialism, embodiment, networks, art/technology, performance, and/or archives’. One of the main drawbacks of the event, which was duly noted by the speakers—but nonetheless—was the lack of female speakers, which is of course non-excusable for any academic event, but especially in this context one could argue, with respect to new materialism’s strong roots in the feminist tradition.


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