PhD Confirmation: Passed!

This Monday I had my confirmation seminar and am happy and relieved to have been passed right away. I had positive feedback about my research proposal, which is great. Many times I have wondered if I am taking on too much, if my research is going to be too ‘against the norm’ to be accepted at all, so getting positive feedback was gratefully received. That’s not to say that I’m no longer concerned and I’m well aware I’ll have many more challenges to be faced yet! However, I’ve cleared the first big PhD hurdle and that certainly makes a difference, especially when I’m someone who has always struggled with public speaking. I can now focus my attention on the next step, which will be figuring out all the minute details of my data collection plan and gaining ethical clearance. I also want to focus some attention on such matters as finding more researcher contacts and thinking about possible journal articles and upcoming conferences etc. Research should not be done in a vacuum but as I am in a sort of uncommon research space it’s been difficult to find others who share my interests.

For my next blog post, I’m planning on writing a bit more on ‘new materialism’ and why I’ve chosen it as my research framework.


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